What Does An Architect Do?

Well, the most obvious answer to this question about the expertise of an architect can simply be answered by just looking up in the building you are sitting, your home, your work place, or that tall building in your city that you are proud of. Every one of these architectural wonders is processed through creatively imaginative minds of architects, and their magical hands, that can design and draw an amazing amalgamation of the necessity and the beauty all at once, in a single place, for our benefits.

Still, knowledge of the whole process of the actual working process of the architects right from the development of the core idea to the approved and exhibited masterpiece must be really interesting, and sure there will be many inquisitive minds out there who would be very curious to know such amazingly interesting things in detail.

Let’s break down the complete and elaborative process of architecture, using DX Architects as an example:

The Whole Procedure of Architect’s Designing Process of a Building

Group Of Architects Having Meeting

The process of architect’s work can be split down into three main phases,

  1. Basic Idea and Main Designing Process
  2. Documentation of the Idea and Requirements of the Clients
  3. Technical Designing for Construction Phase

All these steps are major responsibilities of architects, which are then followed by many other roles that need immense focus and intensive hard work day and night.

1: The Basic Design or Model of the House/ Building
While starting working in the project, the architect is called on by the client to let float the basic idea of the building. The basic purpose of the building is to listen what the client wants to build and how he wants to see his idea to become a part of the reality. On the architect’s account, the architects have to be very technical minded and highly knowledgeable about such ideas. This thing demands high-level creativity. First thing is for sure that without some extra ordinary imagination skills, one cannot become an exceptionally skilled and immensely successful architect. A creative mind and the one who can make ways to exhibit, amend and variate the ideas is the who can make something really special and highly beneficial for everyone.

Closeup Of Man's Hand Holding A Bulb

The regular meetings with the clients built essential groundwork to establish the main requirements, and thorough understanding of the detailed design. Keeping up with the other professional heads of the teams like designers, engineers, and financiers is also very important at this stage. As this is a teamwork, and one broken brick can cause all of the building stumbled up.

2: Pen Down the Idea on Paper- The Documentation Phase
Listened to the ideas carefully, Now its time to dig in the head on Paper.

Architects mainly express their idea through pencil drawing or sketching. This is their basic way of communication to others, and also to explore different dimensions of a project for their own creativity. The process of sketching goes on and on, till everything looks perfect on the paper. There are a number of things that an architect has to consider before finalizing any sketch. As the building will not be on the paper rather it’ll be standing tall in reality.

Design Plans

During this documentation ways, the architect illustrates the design of the building on the paper. These drawing are detailed and other than using sketches, now several technologies are available to draw a design on any sort of internet software or application. This feasibility of designing solves many problems like time management, etc. The documentation phase doesn’t get over instantly rather need an extensive amount of revisions. These revisions and excessive redesigning are based on different technicalities, client’s requirements for his building, the budget for the project or any rules and regulation. After the final approval of the design, final documents are produced to be used in the next phase.

3: Technical Designing for Construction Phase
The final approved designs are then documented with brief instructions and are now called as the construction documents. These designs are not only sketches now, rather elaborated expertly in a way that can be easily understood by the construction experts and the contractors. The contractor and the engineers will use these designs to discuss further progress. The project completion needs all the experts to have a consensus on all points. Other than this consensus, a well designed, and the high-quality building is impossible to be made out.

As soon as the project files come to the point of the construction phase, the role of the architect shifts from designing to getting involved in the usual site visits to learn more about the area, and to know if anything needs amendments. In addition to that, the presence of architect is extremely necessary for every meeting to discuss the further progress of the building.

As there might any problem in the construction phase, so it is important to have the architect around all the time to make sure that everything goes perfectly well, and changes can be made with his approval. In addition to that, various paper work and signing off the documents by the architect is also required in the construction phase.

Importance of An Architects in Our World

Architects are the masterminds behind any building, whether it is your small, cozy apartment or a sophisticated building. Architects take care of each and everything right from designing an appealing architecture of a place to taking care of all the major necessities and accessories that place need. These people think regarding a whole system, not rather just fitting or filling of things. The whole process of laying out strategies and building with purpose alongside comfort demands a highly skilled and talented architect. In such a revolutionary world of ours, architects hold the place of designing geniuses who know how to make skyscrapers while providing all the essential hi-tech equipment inside while making the building look pleasingly appealing. In a nutshell, everything around us, the world we are living in today, the architects have a mediatory role in building it.



The Bathroom and Kitchen trends you’ll love in 2017

The humble bathrooms of yesteryears have already given way to a more elaborately done up and somewhat luxurious space where it is no longer a simple place to clean up, but more a refuge where you can shut the door on the everyday humdrum and recharge or luxuriate. Obviously, therefore, one should also expect that Bathrooms for the present, as well as the next generations, are more thoughtfully appointed and cosy enough to unwind, leaving the entire hustle bustle behind.

With Bathrooms getting so much attention, it is only natural that kitchens where the lady (mostly) spend a fair bit of her time every day cooking those mouth watering delicacies (at least she thinks so) for their loved ones, get even more attention to make it appealing and convenient for her and those who enjoy the fruits of her labour.

Across Australia, some 323,000 new bathrooms are expected to be installed during 2017, and another about 220,000 bathrooms are likely to be renovated. Most people today are focused on aesthetics and designs that won’t go out of date too soon. The following are among the noteworthy bathroom trends that you could expect to see in 2017 and beyond.

The trend in 2017 appears to shift more towards the organic, natural looking finish that gravitates more towards the feel you get at a day spa. The porcelain and chrome are taking the backseat with timber and natural stone coming in their place.
With Bathrooms getting so much attention, it is only natural that kitchens where the lady (mostly) spend a fair bit of their time every day cooking those mouth watering delicacies (at least they think so) for their loved ones, get even more attention to make it appealing and convenient for her and those who enjoy the fruits of her labour. But, the luxurious looking mixed metals are slated to continue across 2017. Similarly, the burnished, brushed and matt finish for bathroom fixtures and tapware are also gaining popularity. Split finishes like matte black and brass or rose gold is also likely to lead the demand table.

For several decades, bathrooms have predominantly remained bright white. But, interior designers, homemakers and homeowners appear to be more willing now, than ever in the past, to shed their inhibition with white for bathrooms and accept bold and dark colours in its place. So, one should see richer, darker, warmer and moody tones with the overall result exuding elegance.

Alongside the shift in the overall colour scheme itself, the finishes are also sliding towards Matt, a combination of the polished and matt surface with natural textures like sandstone, oak, marble, bamboo, etc. gaining precedence over standard finishes. As for the bathroom tiles, the geometric trend appears to have survived the test of time. Love of the mid-century seems to hold sway over interior design among Australians. Hexagonal formats are also set to grab some space in the popularity chart along with textured finishes.


The Tapware is also set to shift from the traditional chrome to matte black, copper, brass or rose gold to complete the appeal that other changes bring to your bathroom.


Soothing music in your bathroom has been found to be helpful in alleviating worry and stress. This is an excellent way to perk up your moods and bring motivation and joy as you get ready for the day. Wireless speakers are popular since they fit perfectly in the bathroom and are designed to be humidity and moisture resistant.


Modular kitchens are already in vogue, and the current trend is to bring in more value with the basic concepts of the modular kitchen integrated into it. Open kitchens that are roomier and merging into the dining/living area is gaining popularity because cooking is no more a closed door affair in the corner of the house. Visit Concept Bathrooms for more design ideas on open-concept Kitchens.

Integrated workstations and storage

Modern kitchen designs are incorporating workstations and appliances to obtain cohesion and flow. The dominance of refrigerators, microwaves and some of the other appliance in the aesthetics of the kitchen is taking the backseat. This helps in making your kitchen look less cluttered. If your tools are carefully chosen and are designed specifically for integration, you can avoid the plastic ‘integration kits’ that throw up practical challenges with the passage of time.

Smart utilisation of space

Space constraints do exist in nearly every city or town. But, there is no limitation in using the available space smartly. Modern designs, therefore, consider ergonomic, lighting placement of the appliances, storage capacity and efficiency carefully. There are many ways to maximise storage space without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics. The open kitchen design also ensures that you get the feel of a large kitchen because there are no intermediate walls between the kitchen and the rest of the house. Chatting with friends or watching your favourite TV show has never been easier, thanks to this open kitchen design. You get a full view of everything that is happening around, and that is an excellent way to focus on your cooking too!

Floral arrangements

Bringing the organic touch to your kitchen space is another affable development that you will-will see in 2017. Large leafy green plants inject life into your kitchen constitutes an excellent way to get that airy feel right inside your kitchen. Let your creative imagination take wings, and you will end up with a kitchen that the entire household loves and maybe even become a talking point in your social circles.

Turn to the digital world

The digital world today is the best way to augment your ideas when it comes to adding spice to your home, irrespective of whether it is the kitchen, the bath, or the living area. Focus on your needs, the space you have and create a digital preview of what you think is best suited to your home. From there, it gets a lot easier getting all the makeup done.

Carport Roofing Materials – Which One You Should Choose

Carport Roofing

Carport roofing is almost becoming a basic necessity. The space occupied by the vehicles in most homes is only second to the area of the residents themselves. It is quite important for people interested in keeping their vehicles in top notch shape. Why? Well, it protects your vehicle from the adverse effects of Mother Nature, e.g. intensive solar radiation, hail storms and also keeps junk off your car (leaves and all), and they are a low-cost solution to garages which are quite expensive.

Well, I believe as a consumer interested in this, you ought to have all the information required to help you make an informed decision on what to purchase, i.e. the various designs available and the materials you can use.


Well, this is a minefield. It is quite difficult to choose from the many options available. Wood, metal, plastic, tiles, shingles, zinc and polycarbonate sheets, are just some of the few materials available in the market. Each of this has its pros and cons.

1 Wooden carports  

These are the most durable of all carports. Regarding elegance, they are way ahead of the rest. The poles and carport are made of wood too which is treated to ensure that it is termite resistant.

Regarding price, they are expensive than most other carports but at the same time are quite preferred. This is because they blend in well with most homes and increases the curb appeal.  

2 Metallic carports

These will outlast plastic, and tiles by several years. But it all depends on some factors:

  • the type of metal
  • thickness
  • And the quality of paint you used to prevent rusting

If you are to allow growth on your roof, it is advisable you use a green coating that will match the algae and mould. Otherwise, there are some options available. Typical low-cost steel roofing has a galvanised layer and if painted uses a polyester coating. You can step it up and use a silicone modified polyester paint.

If you are to choose a roofing which has already been pre-coated, go for one with a smooth finish as it will be easier to clean.

3 Plastic carports

They are mainly available in two forms: polycarbonate and fibreglass. Okay, they are more options, but these two are the best. If you intend to buy a plastic roofing, avoid PVC roofs and acrylic panels. Polycarbonate is more durable than fibreglass but scratches quite easily.

On price, they are more expensive than cheap metal roofing’s but not as expensive as premium metal products.


  • Quite strong and virtually unbreakable
  • Polycarbonate roofing has a high UV blockage.
  • Resistant to adverse  weather conditions


  • Quite expensive
  • Scratch easily


1 Curved Carport

These are the most economical and attractive carports available. They are cheap and easy to put up. They are named so due to how the roof curves at the top

2 Corrugated metal building carports

Are you looking for something cheap and customizable to meet your demands other than protecting our vehicle, then this is the plan for you. Corrugated metal buildings are the most common and are increasingly gaining popularity.

They are suitable for homes that have a lot of land space and appropriate for anyone who wants a customizable outdoor space.

3 Open-sided

This is the most inexpensive easiest and fastest carport to install. Did I say easy to install right? It is all a matter of building a frame then topped with a roof.

4 Extensions/additions

These types of garages are built directly onto the home. They are a part of it. Just as the name suggests, it is an extension to most homes. If you want a solution to increase your home value, then this is the carport for you.

However, these carports are a bit expensive as compared to the corrugated metal buildings and open sided. Despite this, it is a permanent solution and adds more value to your home.  

5 Attached carports

These are carports that are attached to most homes. They work best for homes which have an existing roofline. If you do not have one, a roofline that is, then this can become quite expensive. Other than that, it is relatively cheap to construct one.  

6 Specialty garages

These are garages built for larger vehicles such as RVs. They can also be used for working on boats and other vehicles. Due to their high level of specificity, they cannot add value to your home and are a bit expensive